Amathole Museum
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08:00 - 16:30,Sat 09:00 - 13:00

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+27 (0)43 642-4506

Location :
Cape Town , South Africa

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Amathole Museum is the second largest collection of mammals in South Africa and includes Huberta, the hippopotamus.

Behind the doors of historic buildings, the museum houses material which is of great scientific, historical and anthropological value to researchers.

Description :

  • The Amathole Museum, a Natural and Cultural History Museum, has an international reputation, and is situated in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.

  • The Xhosa Gallery, housed in the old post office building, concentrates on the cultural history of all tribes of the Xhosa nation.

  • The Amathole Museum has its origins in the King William's Town Naturalist Society founded in 1884.