Aegina Archaeological Museum
Museum type :
Archaeological Museum

Established in :

Holidays :

Visiting Hours :
8:30-15:00 daily

Contact No :
22970 22248

Location :
Aegina , Greece

Display Objects :

The museum contains a variety of ancient vessels, pottery, ceramics, alabasters, statues, inscriptions, coins, weapons and copper vessels.

Description :

  • Aegina Archaeological Museum is a museum in Aegina, Greece.

  • Founded in 1828 by Ioannis Kapodistrias.

  • In the lobby of the museum, there is a representation of the first greek residence, called "the white house".

  • It had 2 floors and a loundry that was made of copper and embossed tombs from the cemetary of Rineias.

  • The museum consists of 3 rooms in which are all these exhibit.