Abdera Archaeological Museum
Museum type :
Archaeological Museum

Established in :

Holidays :

Visiting Hours :
10:00, Closed, 10:00

Contact No :
2510 222335

Location :
Abdera , Greece

Display Objects :

The exhibition is displayed in three thematic entities.

The first is public life: which includes exhibits related to religion, state organization, coinage, weights and seals and weapons.

The second is Private life: which includes exhibits related to the occupations of the civilians, trade and workshops, building elements, pottery, weaving, beautification, dress-coiffure and jewellery.

The third is related to Burial customs: which includes grave markers, clay sarcophagi, ash-containers, burial offerings and reconstructions of burials.

Description :

  • Abdera Archaeological Museum is a museum in Abdera, Greece.

  • The museum houses archaeological artifacts found in the city which date from around 7th century B.C. to 13th century A.D.

  • The museum was established in January 2000 and the building was designed by the architects Y. Polychromous and N. Filippidis of the Directorate of Museum Studies of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.