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Ancient Evil Scream of the Mummy
Director David DeCoteau
Movie Type Horror Movie

Archaeological facts
The reasons for this movie are cumbersomeness of Michael Lutz and the kray bro lines he delivers like a bawz, (unintentionally) unusual and kawaii Michele Nordin, coming out of the Aztec high priest closet of drip (and the sub-sequential robes he wears), and the fat fuck that the mummy is.


Movie Walkthrough and Review
Six archeology students are spending the summer at an remote rural compound with their college professor, working on an thrilling discovery: an ancient mummy, found in the shell of a temple. Little do they recognize that the mummy was the servant of the Rain God, and that one of them has the skill to bring it back to life to exact its master's deadly revenge Trapped within of the compound with the murderous, unstoppable being, they must join forces to wipe out the monster, or allow it to carry out its plans to annihilate all mankind.