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Archaeology in Germany has the major function of exploring, excavating, conserving, protecting the monuments and sites. Here we have presented the information on Germany archaeologist, monuments, archaeological sites, and archaeological museums.


Museums in Germany

The museums are mostly historical museums which house the monuments belonging to different periods, ranging from the prehistoric period to the colonial period and are located in different geographical settings. Here are the lists of museums that are present all over Germany.

Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum

The Deutsches Schiffahrts museum is a museum in Bremerhaven, Germany. It is part of the ...

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Roscheider Hof Open Air Museum

The Roscheider Hof Open Air Museum is the open air museum and Folklore Museum of ...

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Gutenberg Museum

The Gutenberg Museum was originally laid out in two rooms at the Kurfurstliches Schlog (Electoral ...

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Heritage sites in Germany

Germany has an extraordinarily rich, vast and diverse cultural heritage in the form of built heritage, archaeological sites and remains since prehistoric times. Here we provide a short and snappy list of famous heritage sites in Germany.

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Pioneering archaeologists in Germany

The Archaeologists in Germany have contributed a lot to the Indus valley civilization and in the underwater Archaeology of the shore temples. Here we provide a short and snappy list of famous Archaeologist in Germany.

Max Uhle

Father of Peruvian Archaeology. He recovered a collection of approximately 9,200 ...
Heinrich Karl Brugsch

He was joined with Auguste Mariette in his excavations at ...
Heinrich Schliermann

He played a important role in the excavation of Priam's ...
Athanasius Kircher

He did make an early study of Egyptian hieroglyphs, appropriately ...
Walter Dyk

Walter Dyk's greatest lifetime accomplishment came from his early ...
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Monuments in Germany

Monuments in Germany mainly include temples, mosques, tombs, churches, cemeteries, forts, palaces, step-wells, rock-cut caves, and secular architecture as well as ancient mounds and sites which represent the remains of ancient habitation. Here you could browse through the famous monuments found in Germany.


The Hermannsdenkmal is a monument located in North Rhine Westphalia in Germany. The monument commemorates the Cherusci war chief Arminius ...


The Befreiungshalle is an historical classical monument upon Mount Michelsberg above the city of Kelheim in Bavaria, Germany. King Ludwig ...


The Niederwalddenkmal is a monument located in the Niederwald Landscape Park, near Rudesheim is Rhein in Hesse, Germany. The monument ...

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Archaeological Organizations in Germany

Archaeological organizations of Germany are professional bodies operating either for commercial or non- commercial purpose providing information about each and every minute aspect in the field of archaeology. This page acts as illustrative resource that provides a list of the archaeology organizations existing throughout the world. You can also have access to the contact details, history and other details about the professional archaeological organizations.