William Russell Bascom
Date of Birth  :
Place of Birth  :
Country  :
United States
Field of Expertise  :
African Ethnography
Educational background  :

B.A. degree in Physics in 1933 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

M.A. in Anthropology

Ph.D. in Anthropology, Northwestern University.

Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • Bascom's field research in Nigeria, was published as The Sociological Role of the Yoruba Cult-Group.

  • Several of his articles on folkloristics serve as texts in graduate courses in folklore.

  • His most notable titles include:

    • The Yoruba-Speaking Peoples of Southwestern Nigeria (1951).

    • Ifa Divination: Communication Between Gods and Men in West Africa (1969).

    • Sixteen Cowries: Yoruba Divination from Africa to the New World (1980).

source:William Russell Bascom

Bibliography  :
Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria,African Art in Cultural Perspective: An Introduction,Sixteen Cowries,Continuity and change in African cultures. Ponape a Pacific Economy on Transition African Dilemma Tales