Homer Garner Barnett
Date of Birth  :
Place of Birth  :
Country  :
United States
Field of Expertise  :
Applied Anthropology
Educational background  :
Ph.D in Anthropology from University of California.
Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • Barnett connected the Bureau of American Ethnology staff and became a investigator with the Ethnogeographic Board, which was the World War II agency that supplied scientific details on human and natural resources around the world.
  • Barnett took the position of Executive Secretary of the Board's unsuccessful Pacific Survey Project and, later, also took a War manuscript Survey concerning the Pacific to give his recommendation on the disposition of documents, which had been collective by the government (collections of anthropological archives)..
  • After the war, Barnett returned to the University of Oregon and sustained pursuing his attention in Pacific cultures.
  • Under the sponsorship of the National Research Council he job on Palau, and provide as Staff source:Homer Barnett

Bibliography  :
The Coast Salish of British Columbia (University of Oregon Monographs. Studies in Anthropology).