Juan B. Ambrosetti
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Field of Expertise  :
Comparative anthropology
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Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • Juan B. Ambrosetti is called the "Father of Folk Science".

  • Juan founded and organized the Ethnographic Museum which was the first institution dedicated to that discipline in the country. He formed this museum based upon his own personal collection, which had built up over the course of his many explorations.

  • His book "Superstitions and Legends" is a valuable contribution to the knowledge of the culture Calchaqui.

Bibliography  :
Supersticiones y Leyendas: Region Misionera, Valles Calchaquies, Las Pampas (Memoria Argentina) (Spanish Edition) ,Primer y Segundo Viaje a Misiones por Juan Bautista Ambrosetti (Viajeros Olvidados/ Forgotten Travelers) (Spanish Edition) .