Chen Mengjia
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law in Nanjing.research classical Chinese literature and of Chinese writing and archaeology at Yenching University in Beijing
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In 1932 he joined the resistance in Shanghai, against the Japanese invasion of China in January 28 Incident.he had a position at the National Southwest Associated University.In 1936, Chen published an influential article on the religion and magic of the Shang Dynasty.In 1944 Chen and his wife were both awarded humanities fellowships by the Rockefeller Foundation to study in the USA at the University of Chicago.

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Chen Mengjia (simplified Chinese: traditional Chinese; pinyin: Chén Mèngjiā) (1911–1966) was a Chinese scholar and archaeologist. At the height of his career Chen was Professor of Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He was married to Chinese poet and translator Zhao Luorui (aka Lucy Chao). Chen committed suicide in 1966, at the beginning of the Cultural Revolution after being labeled a "capitalist intellectual" and Rightist, having criticised Chinese leaders in 1957.The Chinese leader Mao Zedong had initiated a campaign to change the Chinese writing system, adopting an alphabet along Western lines, and Chen wrote articles criticising the proposals.