Franz Boas
Date of Birth  :
July 9, 1858 December 21, 1942
Place of Birth  :
Country  :
Field of Expertise  :
Modern Anthropology
Educational background  :
Ph.D. in geography in 1881, at Kiel
Acheivements / Contributions  :

The expedition to Baffinland yielded a number of papers, both popular and technical, on the region, the ethnographic publications culminating in the monograph on "The Central Eskimo" (6th Annual Report, Bureau of American Ethnology, Washington. 1888).

Bibliography  :
<p> The Mind of Primitive Man (1911) <br /> Anthropology and Modern Life (1928) <br /> Kwakiutl Ethnography (1966). <br /> The relation of Darwin to anthropology <br /> Changes in the Bodily Form of Descendants of Immigrants</p>