Ronald Hutton
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Field of Expertise  :
Archaeology and History
Educational background  :
He was studied at Ilford County High School.In 1981, Hutton moved to the University of Bristol where he took up the position of reader of History. Hutton's first published work was Charles the Second, King of England, Scotland and Ireland which was released in 1989. The following year he published another work based upon Britain in the 17th century, The British Republic 1649-1660.
Acheivements / Contributions  :

Hutton's books on paganism have received some criticism from certain members of the Neopagan and New Age communities. Criticism also came from the practicing Wiccan Jani Farrell-Roberts, who took part in a published debate with Hutton in The Cauldron magazine in 2003. Farrell-Roberts was of the opinion that in his works, Hutton dismissed Margaret Murray's theories about the Witch-Cult using Norman Cohn's theories, which she believed to be heavily flawed.

Bibliography  :
Charles the Second, King of England, Scotland and Ireland, (1989),The British Republic 1649-1660, (2000).