McGuire Gibson
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Country  :
United States
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Educational background  :
B.A. 1959 Fordham University, Anthropology. M.A. 1964 University of Chicago, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Ph.D. 1968 University of Chicago, N. E. L. C.
Acheivements / Contributions  :

McGuire Gibson is one of the world's leading authorities on ancient Mesopotamia. He has done fieldwork in Iraq and elsewhere in the region and has published extensively. He was as part of a National Geographic delegation visiting Iraq to inspect archaeological sites in 2003. He also has provided expert advice to UNESCO and other cultural and scholarly organizations working to preserve the archaeological heritage of Iraq. His fieldwork has taken him to Nippur, the religious center of ancient Mesopotamia. Additionally, he has done fieldwork in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and northeastern Syria.

"There may be confirmed traces of more ancient settlements in Iraq".
"The thing about Erbil is that it is, in fact, a living town, It might also go back further"
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Bibliography  :
Excavations at Nippur: Eleventh Season (Oriental Institute Communications), Excavations at Nippur: Twelfth Season (The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago),Uch Tepe II: technical reports (The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago) .