Mildred Mott Wedel
Date of Birth  :
September 7, 1912 - September 4, 1995
Place of Birth  :
Marengo, Iowa
Country  :
United States
Field of Expertise  :
Educational background  :
B.A. in history at the University of Iowa in 1934 MA in anthropology at the University of Chicago in 1938
Acheivements / Contributions  :

Her research was mainly about the Ioway Indians and the Oneota archaeology. She served as field director for archaeological excavations near Webster City, Iowa. Wedel received the Keyes/Orr Award for Distinguished Service from the Iowa Archeological Society in 1980 honored by the American Anthropological Association's Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology (1985), a day-long dedicatory symposium at the Plains Conference (1988), and a Distinguished Service Award for lifetime achievement from the Plains Anthropological Society (1992)

“Mildred was heard to warn that just as archaeologists decry those who “pot-hole” archaeological sites, they should not be satisfied with “pot-holing” the archives!”
Source:Mildred Mott Wedel

Bibliography  :
La Harpe's 1719 post on Red River and nearby Caddo settlements (Bulletin - Texas Memorial Museum) ,A synonymy of names for the Ioway Indians, The Ioway, Oto, and Omaha Indians in 1700.