Ernst Curtius
Date of Birth  :
September 2, 1814 – July
Place of Birth  :
Lübeck - Germany
Country  :
Field of Expertise  :
Archaeology and Historian
Educational background  :
Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • After his university studies he was chosen by C. A. Brandis to accompany him on a journey to Greece for the examination of archaeological researches.
  • In 1844 he became an astonishing professor at the University of Berlin.
  • After holding a professorship at Göttingen and undertaking a further travel to Greece in 1862, Curtius was appointed (in 1863) regular professor at Berlin.
  • His recognized work is his History of Greece (1857-1867).
  • In 1874 he was sent to Athens by the German government and there concluded an agreement by which the excavations at Olympia were commend completely to Germany.

Bibliography  :
ein Lebensbild in Briefen. (German Edition) ,European Literature and the Latin Middle Ages ,Essays on European literature: Kritische Essays zur europaischen Literatur, In Ihnen begegnet sich das Abendland: Bonner Vortrage zur Erinnerung an Ernst Robert Curtius (German Edition).