Sedat Alp
Date of Birth  :
1913 - October 9, 2006
Place of Birth  :
Country  :
Field of Expertise  :
Educational background  :
  • He study prehistory, history, Hittitology, Sumerology, Assyriology, ancient Anatolian languages and cultures, as well as archaeology in general at University of Berlin.
  • He received doc
  • Acheivements / Contributions  :

    • He was the first archaeologist in Turkey.
    • He started to teach Hittitology within Ankara University's Faculty of Languages.
    • He became the dean of the faculty in 1959.
    • For the contributions he made to the encouragement of knowledge on the region's historical treasures, an honorary citizen of the city of Çorum in north-central Anatolia, where the Hittite capital was located.

    Bibliography  :
    Masat-Hoyuk'te bulunan civi yazili Hitit tabletleri =: Hethitische Keilschrifttafeln aus Masat-Hoyuk (Turk Tarih Kurumu yayinlari) (Turkish Edition) ,Hethitische Briefe aus Masat-Hoyuk (Turk Tarih Kurumu yayinlari) (German Edition),Hitit caginda Anadolu: Civiyazili ve hiyeroglif yazili kaynaklar (TUBITAK populer bilim kitaplari) (Turkish Edition).