Jacques de Morgan
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Educational background  :

He was a French mining engineer , geologist, and archaeologist.

de Morgan studied at the Pair School of Mines.

Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • in his early age, became a prospector in various parts of the world.
  • He became Director General of the French Service des Antiquities in 1892, where he continued until 1897.
  • He focused on prehistoric Egypt, though he also prepared an archaeological map of the Saqqara necropolis, and performed excavations in Dahshur, Saqqara and also Kom Ombo.

Bibliography  :
Memoires de Jacques de Morgan (1857-1924): Directeur general des Antiquites egyptiennes, delegue general de la Delegation scientifique en Perse : souvenirs d'un archeologue (French Edition) , Recherches Sur Les Origines De L'égypte: L'âge De La Pierre Et Les Métaux (French Edition) (2010 Reprint) ,Traité Des Monnaies Grecques Et Romaines, Volume 1, part 1 (French Edition).