Burton, Harry
Date of Birth  :
Place of Birth  :
Country  :
United Kingdom
Field of Expertise  :
Educational background  :
Egyptologist and snapper
Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • He was born in Lincolnshire, England, to journeyman cabinet maker William Burton and Ann Hufton.
  • He taught in Florence, Italy and worked in Egypt first in the Valley of the Kings from 1910 with American lawyer and archaeologist Theodore M. Davis.
  • In 1914 he tied the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Egyptian Expedition, and job often with Herbert E. Winlock, who was central to the great age of American museum-sponsored Egyptian excavations.
  • Between 1922 and 1930, the English Egyptologist and snapper – a establish in his field – took 1,400 pictures of the boy king’s final resting place and the many treasures within.
  • His theatrical and artistic black and white images tangibly evoke the enthusiasm and tension of the work in the sweltering heat

Bibliography  :
Tutankhamun's Tomb: The Thrill of Discovery: Photographs by Harry Burton (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications) ,