Alison Sheridan
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United Kingdom
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  • Alison Sheridan is Head of Early Prehistory in the National Museums of Scotland Archaeology Department, where she has worked since 1987.

  • She was part of the curatorial team responsible for the Early People gallery of the Museum of Scotland.

  • She is at present working on two long-term artefact research projects, which will both be published as Corpora: one, of the Bronze Age faience ornaments of Britain, Ireland and adjacent parts of north-west Europe; and the other, of jet and jet-like jewellery in Britain and Ireland from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

  • Both these projects involve collaboration with a number of other museums and experts.

  • She is also responsible for co-ordinating the NMS Archaeology Departmentís radiocarbon dating programmes.

Bibliography  :
Heaven And Hell And Other Worlds of the Dead by Alison Sheridan , Economic Archaeology (BAR international series),Sickles & Circles: Britain and Ireland in the Time of Stonehenge (Revealing History) ,Women in small business in Armidale, NSW: A regional case study (Discussion paper series) .