Lord Elgin
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  • Elgin has gotten most of the blame for taking Greek artifacts away from Greece and letting them depreciate, though many connected in the looting afterwards.
  • In 1810, Elgin loaded his last vessel with his resources.
  • The first 65 cases of artifacts arrived in London in 1804 where they remained for two years due to Elgin's incarceration in France.
  • The “Marbles,” as the artifacts are called, experienced mistreatment by Elgin.
  • They were placed in a dirty, humid shed on the grounds of Elgin’s Park Lane house.
  • They remained there for years moldering, while Elgin looked for a purchaser.
  • He tried to sell them to the British government, but he was asking too high a price, and Britain declined.
  • In a letter written by Elgin in 18 source:Lord Elgin

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