Timothy K. Earle
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Field of Expertise  :
Ethnohistorical Archaeology
Educational background  :
Ph.D., Michigan 1973
Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • Tim Earle is an economic anthropologist who specializes in the archaeological studies of social inequality and political leadership in early chiefdoms and states.

  • His publications include Bronze Age Economics, The Evolution of Human Societies, How Chiefs Come to Power, Culture Matters in the Neolithic Transition and Emergence of Hierarchy.

source:Timothy K. Earle

Bibliography  :
Specialization, Exchange and Complex Societies (New Directions in Archaeology), Chiefdoms: Power, Economy, and Ideology (School of American Research Advanced Seminars), Economic and social organization of a complex chiefdom: The Halelea district, Kaua'i, Hawaii (Anthropological papers) .