Bernard G. Campbell
Date of Birth  :
Place of Birth  :
Country  :
United Kingdom
Field of Expertise  :
Educational background  :

Master of Arts.

Ph.D in Anthropology.

Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • Bernard G. Campbell was a great anthropologist who made great contributions to the field.

  • He wrote a book that described, in a simple but precise way, the evolution of man. He was able to bring the idea of human evolution to the world in easy-to-understand format, so that people outside of the anthropology saw how humans developed.

  • He made contributions to anthropology studies by providing a guide to different countries and different cultures around the world, about how different human culture developed in different ecosystems.

source:Bernard G. Campbell

Bibliography  :
Humankind Emerging (9th Edition) ,Humankind Emerging -- Eighth 8th Edition,Study Guide for Humankind Emerging, The Concise Edition.