Wendell Clark Bennett
Date of Birth  :
August 1, 1905 - 1953
Place of Birth  :
Country  :
United States
Field of Expertise  :
Educational background  :
Graduated from University of Chicago. Also received his M.A.,Ph.D. from the same university.
Acheivements / Contributions  :

His major contribution was in the field of Andean archaeology. Wendell Clark Bennett excavated a number of important sites including:

  • Tiahuanaco(Bolivia) in 1932.
  • The Virú Valley survey (Peru) in 1946–7.
  • Huari (Peru) in 1950.
He also discovered a new phase of highland archaeology called Chiripa, which he considered to be post-Classic and pre-Decadent Tiahuanaco. He contributed to the archaeology of Kauai when he was working as a research staff of the Bishop museum in the hawaiian islands.

source:Wendell Clark Bennett

Bibliography  :
The Tarahumara, an Indian tribe of northern Mexico by Wendell Clark Bennett,Ancient arts of the Andes,Archeology of Kauai, ANDEAN CULTURE HISTORY .