Archaeology » Heritage sites» Uppakra
south of Lund in Scania


Year of Research
first century

Archeological diggings of a 100 acres of 0.40 km² large field, intensified in 1996, shows Uppåkra to be the richest and largest Iron Age Viking Age town of the Scandinavian Peninsula. For centuries, maybe for most of the first millennium, Uppakra was a place of religious and political power as well as a big a cult place.Uppåkra hasnot been explored until recent years. There have been many factors behind that when compared to for example Birka, which is a site that has been more known and explored during a longer time. For one thing, Uppåkra doesn't exist in any official records of the time and is not mentioned in any yet existing records from those days. Another factor has been that historians and archeologists alike in Scania have been more interested in studying Lund and Dalby, both having a history that is by Nordic standards very old from the 10th century. Third, Uppåkra is situated on one of the most fertile lands in Scania, which means that agricultural businesses have prevailed over historical.