Tioga Road or Big Oak Flat Road
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United States

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  • Big Oak Flat Road offers in the spectacular passage over the Sierra Nevada.
  • Drive through the highest automobile pass in California and knowledge an elevation change of over one mile.
  • Experience glacier-carved granite peaks, pristine lakes, wildflower-covered meadows and lush evergreen forests with Giant Sequoia groves in this peaceful yet rugged scenery.
  • Crocker’s Station was the construction headquarters during the building of the Great Sierra Wagon Road and later provided a contented stopping place for those using in the road for business and enjoyment.
  • Many well known names grace in the Crocker register, among them John Muir, Stewart Edward White, Edwin Markham and Herbert Hoover.
  • The resort was considered by many the showplace of the road.
  • Although sold by Widow Crocker in 1910, the station continued to their provide the Yosemite-bound until 1920, when numerous of the buildings were moved and the rest allowed to decay. Tioga Road.
  • In 1931 the Aspen Valley Lodge complex contains the lodge, a rooming house, store, gasoline station, auto repair garage, laundry, restaurant and the old two story log homestead cabin in use as a warehouse.