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  • Mahavamsa entitled \"The Ten Kings\" trade with the reign of Dhatusena followed by the next chapter on \"The Two Kings\" which is about Kasyapa and Mugalan (Mogallana).
  • Chapter 40 is lost, the only one in all of the one hundred chapters that constitute the three Mahavamsa texts.
  • The first ten couplets of chapter 38 deal with the takeover of Anuradhapura by Tamil rulers and the materialization on the scene of Dhatusena, son of an ordinary householder belonging to the Maurya (Moriya or \"peacock\") clan.
  • This is followed by a very exciting story about the early life of Dhatusena (couplets 11-28).
  • It says that a certain householder, Dathanama of the Maurya clan had two sons, Dhatusena and Silatissabodhi, by a woman of the same class.