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Kandy City

Sri Lanka

Year of Research
1357-1374 AD

  • Senkadagalapura (an early name for Kandy) was constructed by the King Wickramabahu III during the period of his control from 1357-1374 AD.
  • Some scholars challenge that the original name of Kandy was Katubulu Nuwara located near present Watapuluwa.
  • The more popular historical name - Senkadagala - according to folklore, was created from one of the several possible sources.
  • These include identification after a brahmin with the name Senkanda who lived in a cave near by, a queen of King Wickramabahu named Senkanda, and after a coloured stone named Senkadagala.
  • After King Wickremabahu III who establish the city, Senasammata Wickremabahu ascended the throne in the 15th century (1473-1511) making it the new capital of the Kandyan Kingdom.
  • He was followed by his son King Jayaweera Astan (1511-1551) and afterward by Karalliyadde Bandara (1551-1581).
  • His successor however, favored to rule the hill country from Sitawaka on the western flanks of the hills.
  • A period of turmoil for rule ended with the ascent to the throne by Konappu Bandara who came to be known as Wimaladharmasuriya I.