Giardini Naxos
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island of Sicily


Year of Research
734 BCE

  • Ancient Naxos is to be established by Thucles the Chalcidian in 734 BCE, it was never a powerful city, but its temple of Apollo Archegetes, protecting deity of all the Greek colonies, gave it prominence in the religious of affairs.
  • The most activity of the site is shifted to neighbouring Tauromenium and it is inhabited.Prior to the early 1970s Giardini Naxos was a quiet fishing village.
  • Now it is a popular tourist destination, famous for its beaches , the Ionian Sea, and its small, but bustling fishing port.From this site both the Leontini and Catania were colonized.In 494 BCE,it was captured by Hippocrates, tyrant of Gela.
  • In 403 BCE at the hands of Dionysius the tyrant,its action to Syracuse basically led to its capture and destruction.Later,it had supported Athens during that city\'s disastrous Sicilian Expedition.
  • It enchants foreign visitors and Italians alike, many of whom own summer residences in the comune.
  • The seafront, Via Tysandros, is bounded with hotels, smaller pensions, pubs, restaurants and pizzerias.