Korean Archaeological Society
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Korean Archaeological Society
Organisation Name: Korean Archaeological Society
Established Year: 1967
Place of Location: Korea
Country: Russia
Mail ID: balaryk@yogya.wasantara.net
Contact Number: (541) 346-5115

The Korean Archaeological Society is a professional and scholarly association of archaeologists in the Republic of Korea. The Society publishes the peer-reviewed 'Journal of the Korean Archaeological Society' .This storied organization has been around in one form or another since the Organization of archaeology began in the wake of the crippling and disastrous Japanese Occupation of Korea. Antecedents of the Korean Archaeological Society include the 'Korean Art Historical Society' and 'Korean Archaeology and Ancient Art History Society' the latter of which was formed in 1961. The first issue of the journal 'Archaeology and Ancient Art History' was published the previous year. In 1968 the name of the journal was changed to 'Studies in Art History' .The year 1967 also marked the foundation of another academic society by Kim Je-won, the Head of the Korean National Museum, along with a small coterie of scholars including Kim Won-yong, Kim Jeong-gi, Yun Mu-byeong, Han Byeong-sam, Im Hyo-jae, and several others (Yoon 2006:265). These scholars were concerned about publicizing archaeological excavations in Korea more than anything else, and together they published the first issue of a journal called 'Archaeology' (Gogohak) in 1968. Subsequent issues were published occasionally between 1969 and 1979.