British School of Archaeology in Iraq
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British School of Archaeology in Iraq
Organisation Name: British School of Archaeology in Iraq
Established Year: 1932
Place of Location: Iraq
Country: Iraq
Mail ID:
Contact Number: +020 7969 5274

The British Archaeological Jobs Resource (BAJR) began in 1999 as independent association run by an archaeologist for archaeologists and heritage workers and now ranks alongside the national institutions of archaeology in the United Kingdom, such as the IFA, CBA, Rescue (British Archaeological Trust). There is no committee, no formal membership and no subscription, BAJR is run with major decisions, guidelines and documents put out to public vote and/or consultation from concerned groups, such as the CBA, SCAUM, ALGAO or the IFA.BAJR provides a free exchange of practical information and services about the historic surroundings and employment and training within that sector. In conjunction with the Digger, it also acts as an independent platform for the workers in archaeology and heritage related occupations, providing advice and protection on an informal basis, empowering the workers with facts and data concerning all aspects from Health and Safety to Employee Rights.