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AIA from America
Organisation Name: Archaeological Institute of America
Established Year: 1879
Place of Location: Boston
Country: United States
Mail ID:
Contact Number: +617-353-9361

The Archaeological Institute of America promotes a vivid and informed public interest in the cultures and civilizations of the past, supports archaeological research, fosters the sound professional practice of archaeology, advocates the preservation of the world's archaeological heritage, and represents the discipline in the wider world. The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) is North America's oldest and largest organization devoted to the world of archaeology. The Institute is a nonprofit group founded in 1879 and chartered by the United States Congress in 1906. Today, the AIA has with nearly 250,000 members and subscribers belonging to 104 societies in the United States, Canada, and overseas. The organization is unique because it counts among its memberís professional archaeologists, students, and many others from all walks of life. This diverse group is united by a shared passion for archaeology and its role in furthering human knowledge. The AIA exists to promote archaeological inquiry and public understanding of the material record of the human past worldwide.