The Temple of Hathor
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The Temple of Hathor - Egypt
The Temple of Hathor is located in Qena,Dendera.
The Temple of Hathor monument was established on 18th Century.
Primary threats to The Temple of Hathor :

Oriented towards the Nile the Temple of Hathor follows the fairly typical plan of other temples from the Greece-Roman Period.

Historical facts of The Temple of Hathor :

The village of Dendera is situated 60km north of Luxor on the west bank of the Nile opposite the provincial town of Qena, where the Nile Valley road branches off to the Red Sea town of Hurghada. The main temple has an imposing fašade constructed as a low screen wall divided by 6 massive Hathor-headed columns and a huge curved cornice with a winged sun-disc over the entrance. This leads straight into the hypostyle hall containing a forest of 18 Hathor columns similar to those in the fašade. The ceiling of the first hypostyle hall is of particular interest, divided into 7 bands of well-preserved astronomical figures featuring the goddess Nut, vultures and winged sun-discs and the Roman signs of the zodiac. The walls are decorated with scenes of Roman emperors as pharaohs making offerings to Hathor.6 smaller Hathor columns support the roof which admits light through square apertures. The walls here depict scenes of the king involved in ritual foundation ceremonies, though the cartouches are left blank due to the uncertain times of the period.