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Statues - Ireland
Statues is located in Dublin.
Statues monument was established on 1966.
Primary threats to Statues :

Dublin's most prominent monument, Nelson's Pillar, which stood near the General Post Office (GPO) in the centre of O'Connell Street, was blown up by Saor Eire in 1966, as their way of commemorating the Easter Rising.

Historical facts of Statues :

Dublin statues are a significant feature of the cityscape of Dublin and many have acquired nicknames. The city's statues and other monuments have a long history of controversy about their subjects and designs, and a number of formerly prominent monuments have been removed or destroyed. Saor Eire only demolished the top of the pillar, what remained was known as "The Stump", until it too was blown up by the Army bomb squad for safety reasons. Ironically, this controlled explosion actually caused more damage than the original bombing. Other monuments still surviving on O'Connell Street include statues honoring Charles Stewart Parnell at the north end of the street; at the southern end stands a statue of Daniel O'Connell. Other statues on the street include one of trade union leader James Larkin.