Springthorpe Memorial
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Springthorpe Memorial - Australia
Springthorpe Memorial is located in Melbourne.
Springthorpe Memorial monument was established on 1901.
Primary threats to Springthorpe Memorial :

The sculpted figures are housed in a structure derivative of a Greek temple, designed by Melbourne architect Harold Desbrowe Annear. It has dark marble columns, granite pediments and entablatures adorned with serpent-head gargoyles at each corner, and a stained glass domed roof.

Historical facts of Springthorpe Memorial :

The Springthorpe Memorial is an elaborate Victorian era memorial located within Boroondara General Cemetery in Kew, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The latter is made up of hundreds of ruby-colored glass pieces supported by radiating ironwork. On fine day sunlight, streaming through the roof, imparts a reddish glow on the sculpture below. The memorial is located in a garden setting which the curator of Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens, William Guilfoyle, was commissioned to design. However, the layout seen today probably has little in common with his original design. The base of the memorial, surrounded by an iron picket balustrade, is paved with red tiles which have various verses inscribed on them in gold lettering. There are also inscriptions on each pediment and entablature of the temple structure, in both English and Greek.