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Shelley Memorial - United Kingdom
Shelley Memorial is located in Oxford, England.
Shelley Memorial monument was established on 17921822.
Primary threats to Shelley Memorial :

The memorial consists of a white marble sculpture of a reclining nude and dead Shelley washed up on the shore at Viareggio in Italy after his drowning, sculpted by Edward Onslow Ford, associated with the New Sculpture movement.

Historical facts of Shelley Memorial :

The Shelley Memorial is a memorial to the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (17921822) at University College, Oxford, England, the college that he briefly attended and from which he was expelled for writing a pamphlet. The statue was commissioned by Shelley's daughter-in-law, Lady Shelley. It was originally intended to be located in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome where Shelley is buried, at the request of adventurer Edward John Trelawney, a friend of Shelley. Trelawney wanted to have a monument of the poet next to his own. However, Trelawney's descendants thought that Ford's statue was too large and thus did not consent to his wishes. Eventually the statue ended up at University College, donated by Lady Shelley, with a formal opening ceremony on 14 June 1893. Among others, Lady Shelley, Onslow Ford, Champneys and Benjamin Jowett were present at the opening ceremony. The Shelley Memorial is located on the site where the scientists Robert Boyle and Robert Hooke performed experiments while they were in Oxford, previously Cross Hall until the early 1800s.