Sehel Island
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Sehel Island - Egypt
Sehel Island is located in Aswan.
Sehel Island monument was established on 1887.
Primary threats to Sehel Island :

A chapel dedicated to Anukis was built at the time of Amenemhet II during Dynasty XII but little remains of this structure, while remaining blocks from a small Ptolemaic temple of Khoum were found scattered around the Nubian village.

Historical facts of Sehel Island :

The Island of Sehel is about 4km south of Aswan, in the Nile to the north of the old Aswan Dam. In ancient time’s travellers on their way to Nubia, or who had just returned from an expedition to the south, would make a pilgrimage to the sacred island of Sehel and leave inscriptions recording their appeals or prayers of gratitude for help in safely negotiating the hazardous first Nile cataract. Flinders Petrie visited Sehel in 1887 taking photographs and making sketches of the thousands of inscriptions he found on the boulders and cliffs by climbing rope ladders. The two hills which dominate the south-eastern end of the island boast over 250 inscriptions, many of which are dedicated to the goddess Anukis and her consort Khoum and date from the Middle Kingdom to Ptolemaic periods. The boulders in the monument areas are now enclosed by a metal fence. The path up from the river takes you past a section to the west with some nice inscriptions and a larger hill to the east for which a ticket is required at the entrance.