Santa Maria de Lara
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Santa Maria de Lara - Spain
Santa Maria de Lara is located in Quintanilla de las Vinas.
Santa Maria de Lara monument was established on 711AD.
Primary threats to Santa Maria de Lara :

The church of Santa Maria de Lara, also known as the Ermita (hermitage) de Santa Maria, is one of the last surviving Visigoth churches on the Iberian Peninsula.

Historical facts of Santa Maria de Lara :

The church is notable not only for its age and architectural type, but also because it is believed to contain the earliest representation of Christ in Spanish Religious art. It was classified as a national Spanish historic monument on November 25th1929.The geographical area surrounding Santa Maria De Lara was populated by numerous Roman villae preceding the construction of the church. After the Visigoths had invaded the Iberian Peninsula (particularly the area we now know as Spain) and the Romans had left the area, they settled in Quintillana de las Vinas, and built the church of Santa Maria De Lara, around the beginning of the 8th century. Soon afterwards, in 711AD, the Moors (an Arab Kingdom originating from Marrakech and southern Spain), invaded the Iberian Peninsula and Lara was abandoned as the populace fled north to the mountains.