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Rudelsburg - Germany
Rudelsburg is located in Burgenlandkreis,Saxony-Anhalt .
Rudelsburg monument was established on 18th century.
Primary threats to Rudelsburg :

The Rudelsburg was constructed in the middle Ages with a central keep divided into several sections and surrounded by an outer keep.

Historical facts of Rudelsburg :

The castle ruin Rudelsburg lies on the east bank of the river Saale atop a rocky shell limestone ridge, approximately 85 meters (279 ft) above the river and above Saaleck, a suburb of the town of Bad Kosen in the Burgenlandkreis district in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The Rudelsburg was built in the middle Ages by the Bishop von Naumburg and served to secure trade routes such as the Via Regia through the Saale Valley.The Rudelsburg was a point of conflict between the bishops of Naumburg and the Margraves of Meißen belonging to the House of Wettin. The central keep, which was separated from the outer keep by a deep encircling ditch, has a donjon that it approximately 20 meters (66 ft) high, a transverse rectangular great hall, several living quarters, and is surrounded by a circular wall. The courtyard is very small. The Romanesque donjon is almost exactly square (7.6 m/24.9 ft by 8.2 m/26.9 ft) and is topped with a pyramid-shaped tower roof made of stone, which gives the castle its characteristic appearance. There is a dungeon in the basement of the donjon.