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Rashtrapati Bhawan - India
Rashtrapati Bhawan is located in New Delhi, Delhi.
Rashtrapati Bhawan monument was established on 1931.
Primary threats to Rashtrapati Bhawan :

The splendor of the Rashtrapati Bhavan is multi-dimensional. It is a vast mansion and its architecture is breathtaking.

Historical facts of Rashtrapati Bhawan :

Apart from Edwin Lutyens, the Chief architect and Chief Engineer Hugh Keeling there were many Indian contractors who were involved in the construction of this building. While a Muslim contractor Haroun-al-Rashid, Sujan Singh and his son Sobha Singh built most of the work of the main building. Surprisingly the names of these Indians did not find a place in the official biography of Lutyens. The sanctioned amount for the building was earmarked at 400, 000. However the long span of seventeen years required for the construction of the building raised its cost to 877,136 then Rs.12.8 million. The actual amount incurred in not only the construction of the building but also the Mughal Garden and the staff quarters amounted to Rs. 14 million. Edwin Lutyens was reported to have remarked that the money invested in the construction of the building was smaller in amount as compared to the cost of two warships. It is interesting to note that the building, which was scheduled to be completed in four years, took seventeen years and on the eighteenth year of its completion India became independent.