Ping Shan Heritage Trail
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Ping Shan Heritage Trail - Hong Kong (SAR)
Ping Shan Heritage Trail is located in Yuen Long District.
Ping Shan Heritage Trail monument was established on 1993.
Primary threats to Ping Shan Heritage Trail :

The Pagoda was built by Tang Yin-tung, the seventh generation ancestor, more than 600 years ago according to the genealogy of the Tang clan of Ping Shan. Oral history indicates the pagoda was originally a five-storey hexagonal-shaped green-brick structure, but was damaged due to strong weather.

Historical facts of Ping Shan Heritage Trail :

The pagoda is an area in the New Territories of Hong Kong, China. It is located west of Yuen Long Town and Shui Pin Wai, and south of Tin Shui Wai. Administratively, it is part of Yuen Long District. The pagoda was built to improve fung shui of the locality so that flooding disasters were prevented to the village. It was also believed that its auspicious location, which is in alignment with Castle Peak, would ensure success for clan members in the Imperial Civil Service Examination. In fact, the Tang clan of Ping Shan has produced numerous scholars and officials.