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Pentagon Memorial - United States
Pentagon Memorial is located in Brooklyn,New York.
Pentagon Memorial monument was established on 1875.
Primary threats to Pentagon Memorial :

The Pentagon Memorial is a permanent outdoor memorial to the 184 people killed in the building and on American Airlines Flight 77 in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Historical facts of Pentagon Memorial :

The Pentagon Memorial park is will be consist of the 184 memorial units, each of which will be dedicated in to an individual victim by its unique placement within the collective field. The field will be organized as a timeline of their to the victims ages, spanning from until to the youngest, three-year-old Dana Frankenberg, to the oldest, 71-year-old John D. Yamnicky. Each memorial unit will be located on its respective age line—thin metal strips that cross to the memorial park. This ordering will develop a powerful to build understanding of the broad range of the lives lost, from the youngest child to the oldest adult.