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Old Cairo - Egypt
Old Cairo is located in Cairo.
Old Cairo monument was established on 10th century.
Primary threats to Old Cairo :

The area known as Old Cairo is a relatively tiny portion of the vast city, but is the oldest part of Cairo and has some interesting churches and museums as well as the remains of Babylon.

Historical facts of Old Cairo :

Cairo today is a modern city with virtually nothing to see of pharaonic remains. It was founded in the 10th century on the site of a Roman fortress town called Babylon but represents a varied culture and history since that time. The fortress of Babylon (pronounced in Egyptian, ‘Babalog’) was built as part of the Roman defenses for the city of Memphis, on the edge of the ancient city of ‘On’ (Heliopolis). The site would have been on the east bank of the river at that time, but the Nile has since shifted westwards leaving the area of Old Cairo further to the east of the river. The original fortress town was founded around 30 BC the year in which the Emperor Augustus entered Alexandria. A new fortress was built in the 2nd century by the Emperor Trajan and these are the remains which can be seen today. Of Trajan’s waterside battlements, only the southern part of the towered entrance remains and below this, excavations have revealed parts of a key below the modern street level.