OConnell Street
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OConnell Street - Ireland
OConnell Street is located in O'Connell Street,Dublin.
OConnell Street monument was established on 1924.
Primary threats to OConnell Street :

The sun rising to the east and setting in the west illuminates the alternate sides of the street over the course of the day, while for the most part it is lit directly from the south. This helps in making the thoroughfare two or three degrees warmer than windswept O'Connell Bridge or the city quays.

Historical facts of OConnell Street :

O'Connell Street Upper retains something of its original 18th century character; with the western side conforming to original plot widths and some older fabric still intact. The street's layout is simple but elegant. Not dissimilar to Paris's Champs-Elysees, though more intimate in scale, it has a wide pavement each side of the street serving the retail outlets that line its length, and a parallel pair of two-lane (formerly three-lane) roadways. The famous large London Plane trees that lined the median for the second half of the 20th century were cut down in 2003 amidst some controversy, with the oldest of these at the northern end planted c. 1903 being cut down in 2005 - all as part of an extensive regeneration scheme recently completed by Dublin City Council.