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Niederwalddenkmal Monument - Germany
Niederwalddenkmal Monument is located in Rudesheim am Rhein,Hesse.
Niederwalddenkmal Monument monument was established on 1871.
Primary threats to Niederwalddenkmal Monument :

The central figure is the 10.5 meter tall Germania figure. In the sculpture impression Germania holds in the right hand the recovered crown of the emperor and in the left the imperial sword.

Historical facts of Niederwalddenkmal Monument :

The Niederwalddenkmal is a monument located in the Niederwald Landscape Park, near Rudesheim is Rhein in Hesse, Germany.The monument was constructed in order to commemorate the foundation of the German Empire, after the end of Franco-Prussian War. The first stone of the Niederwalddenkmal was laid on September 16, 1871 by Wilhelm I. The sculptor selected for the creation of the monument was Johannes Schilling; the architect, Karl Weisbach. The total cost of the works is estimated in one million golden marks, it was inaugurated on September 28, 1883. The 38 meters tall monument represents the union of all Germans. Under Germania is located a large relief, that shows emperor William I riding a horse with nobility, the army commanders and soldiers. The relief has engraved the Wacht am Rhein (Watch on the Rhine) lyrics. At The left side of the monument is located the peace statute. The War statue is located at the right side.