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National Police Memorial Australia - Australia
National Police Memorial Australia is located in Canberra.
National Police Memorial Australia monument was established on 2005.
Primary threats to National Police Memorial Australia :

A bronze commemorative wall with 'touchstone plaques' carrying the name and rank, date of death (day, month and year), and place of death, of police officers who have died whilst on active duty; a large stone paved area or 'terrain' across which visitors move to gain access to the wall.

Historical facts of National Police Memorial Australia :

Australia's National Police Memorial is in the national capital, Canberra, in King's Park on the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin adjacent to the National Carillon on Aspen Island. It commemorates Australian police who have died on duty. The surface of the touchstone wall is clad in cast bronze panels with a slight textural feel and a dark patina. The surface of the cladding is smooth enough to allow the patina to have a gloss wax finish. The touchstones are also cast bronze but have a golden, almost polished patina, that will change over time with the degree to which each stone is touched. There are 1200 touchstones, which are meant to symbolize the ongoing danger for police on duty. The 'terrain' tilts to direct visitors to the wall, with undulations that is intended to create "an uncertainty in experience and reflects the uncertain path that police tread in the performance of their duty."The design also incorporates elements acknowledging Saint Michael, the patron saint of policing.