Murray House
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Murray House - Hong Kong (SAR)
Murray House is located in Stanley.
Murray House monument was established on 1844.
Primary threats to Murray House :

It was named after Sir George Murray, the British Master-General of the Ordnance at the time of construction. The designer and constructor are Major Aldrich and Lieutenant Collinson of the Royal Engineers. It was initially used as barracks by the British military.

Historical facts of Murray House :

Murray House is a Victorian-era building in Stanley in Hong Kong. The building was relocated from Central. Built in 1844, it was part of Murray Barracks when Hong Kong was under the 4th year of British rule as a crown colony. Murray House was the oldest surviving public building in Hong Kong. Similar to many of its "contemporaries" from the early colonial era, it was designed in Classical architecture style. All floors have verandas on all sides in response to the local subtropical/monsoons climate.