Lord Uxbridges leg
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Lord Uxbridges leg - France
Lord Uxbridges leg is located in Lord Uxbridge.
Lord Uxbridges leg monument was established on 1815.
Primary threats to Lord Uxbridges leg :

Lord Uxbridge's leg was shattered by a cannon shot at the Battle of Waterloo and removed by a surgeon.

Historical facts of Lord Uxbridges leg :

The amputated limb went on to lead a somewhat macabre after-life as a tourist attraction in the village of Waterloo in Belgium, where it had been removed and interred. Henry Paget, Lord Uxbridge, was commander of some 13,000 Allied cavalry and 44 guns of horse artillery at the Battle of Waterloo. At about 2:30pm, at a critical stage in the battle, he personally led a charge of the 2,000 heavy cavalry of the Household Brigade and the Union Brigade to throw back the columns of D'Erlon's French I Corps which were threatening to push back Picton's severely outnumbered 5th Division, with some 15,000 French infantry advancing on 3,000 British. The charge succeeded in sweeping the French infantry away in disorder, but Uxbridge was unable to rally his troops, who ran on in pursuit and were cut up by counterattacking French cavalry. Uxbridge spent the rest of the battle leading a series of charges by British light cavalry formations, and had eight or nine horses shot from under him.