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Kyffhauser Monument - Germany
Kyffhauser Monument is located in Thuringia.
Kyffhauser Monument monument was established on 1900.
Primary threats to Kyffhauser Monument :

The monument, which totals 81 meters (267 feet) tall, was built in 1890-96 to plans drawn by the German architect Bruno Schmitz (1858-1916) atop the ruins of the medieval Fortress of Kyffhausen.

Historical facts of Kyffhauser Monument :

The Kyffhauser Monument is a monument on the summit of the Kyffhauser Mountain (highest elevation: 1,574 feet) near Bad Frankenhausen in the state of Thuringia in central Germany. The monument was initially proposed by the 19th Century German War Veterans Federation, which under the name Kyffhauser Federation took over its maintenance after 1900.Stylistically; the Kyffhauser Monument recalls the castles and fortresses of the Hohenstaufen period in Germany in the 12th and 13th centuries. It was intended to suggest that the Prussia-dominated German Empire founded in 1871 was the legitimate successor to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, which existed from the 10th century until 1806. It also signifies the national theme of decline and rebirth. Towering over the monument is a 57 meter (188 feet) tower topped by a huge imperial crown. By climbing a 247-step stairway, one can reach the top of the tower and obtain an excellent panoramic view.