Fanling Lodge
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Fanling Lodge - Hong Kong (SAR)
Fanling Lodge is located in Kam Tsin.
Fanling Lodge monument was established on 1973.
Primary threats to Fanling Lodge :

Fanling Lodge has served as a summer residence for the then Governor of Hong Kong since 1934 after the Mountain Lodge was abandoned as the alternate residence.

Historical facts of Fanling Lodge :

Fanling Lodge is located in Kam Tsin of the New Territories in Hong Kong, near Fanling and Kwu Tung. The two storeys home is located in a wooded lot within the Hong Kong Golf Club off Castle Peak Road Kwu Tung. A private access road leads to a cul-de-sac. It remained as an official government residence after the handover in 1997 and is the alternate residence of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. The lodge is occupied mainly on weekends and holidays by the CE. Minor renovations were made in 2005. A helicopter pad (WB16) is located on the lawn of the home and allows the CE to travel to the lodge from the main Hong Kong residence.