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El-Lahun - Egypt
El-Lahun is located in Faiyum.
El-Lahun monument was established on 1889-90.
Primary threats to El-Lahun :

It became so popular that the Dynasty XII kings Senwosret II and Amenemhet III chose to site pyramids here as their final resting places, at the far reaches of the existing pyramid fields to the north.

Historical facts of El-Lahun :

The region of el-Faiyum thrived during the Middle Kingdom when the fertile area around Birket Qarun began to be developed as a pleasure-ground in which kings and high officials pursued their sports of hunting, fishing and fowling. The structure was first seriously investigated by Petrie in 1889-90, who discovered an entrance, not on the northern side as would have been usual, but through a vertical shaft several meters east of the southern side and beneath the floor of an unknown princess’s tomb (no. 10). The original entrance was a larger shaft, further to the south and through which the sarcophagus must have been taken. This ‘construction shaft’ and sloping corridor was built in such a way as to resemble the entrance to a burial chamber, probably in order to deceive robbers. On the northeast corner of Senwosret’s pyramid, was a smaller pyramid, belonging to a queen, with eight large mudbrick mastabas lined up to the west of it which are thought to be cenotaphs rather than genuine tombs. Smaller subsidiary tombs belonging to princesses were found on the south-eastern side of the King’s pyramid. In later seasons Petrie began to explore the princess’s tombs and in 1914 his assistant Guy Brunton discovered the famous ‘el-Lahun treasure’ while excavating the tomb of Princess Sit-Hathor-Iunet.