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Dishasha - Egypt
Dishasha is located in Beni Suef.
Dishasha monument was established on 1897.
Primary threats to Dishasha :

The site is on the very edge of the cultivated land and accessed by a long flight of stone steps which lead up to the terrace containing the main tombs, above which the open desert stretches out towards the west.

Historical facts of Dishasha :

The site was investigated by Petrie in 1897 and it was excavated under the auspices of the Egypt Exploration Fund. Petrie found tombs dating to Dynasty V and several artifacts. The site is probably best known for the tomb of Inty, which contains a rare relief depicting a siege of a fortified town and industrial scenes including woodworking. Two well preserved linen garments were found as well as pottery, now in the Petrie Museum in London. The tomb of Inty has attracted the most attention at Dishasha and is now closed by a large metal door. It was published by WMF Petrie, with a chapter by F Llewellyn Griffith in 1898.The limestone statue stands 134cm high and represents Nenkheftkha wearing a short kilt, short black wig, standing with his left leg striding forward and with arms by his sides. Another limestone statue of the owner and his wife Neferseshems, is now in the Museum of the Oriental Institute of Chicago. The modern village of Dishasha, about 130km south of Cairo, is on the western edge of the cultivation.